Getting an Etsy Bestseller Badge

I can’t lie, getting my first best seller badge felt amazing! I noticed sales have increased and my Dinosaur Sleigh SVG has done really well this year. It’s my first winter season selling SVG designs and this one design has pushed me to my first 100 sales!

But – with that Bestseller badge comes the inevitable – a thief that takes your intellectual property and simply passes it off as their own. I had already been forewarned that the Etsy Bestseller badges act as a target for those who are too lazy to do the work and too dull to have their own creativity.

I was lucky, by the time I had found and researched exactly what to do, somebody else had already got the shop taken down. The shop had zero sales so I know they didn’t profit off of anyone else’s hard work. Their whole shop was a lie, a theft – and Etsy takes that very seriously.

Here’s some links in case you ever need to make a report.

UK Government on Copyright Notices

Etsy’s Page to Report Intellectual Property Infringement

Has this ever happened to you? Did you notice your Etsy best sellers attracted attention?

~Maggie x

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